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OD Golf Society

The Old Decanian Golf Society was formed in 1996 in its current form and originally came about in order to find a resting place for ‘spent’ OD cricketers. Over the years it has have grown steadily and now have over a 150 ODs on the mailing list and a comprehensive fixture list to accommodate every standard of golfer.

ODGS President: Brian Wilson
ODGS Chairman: Robert Reed
ODGS Secretary: Alex Hume

Usual fixtures include:

  • Seasonal Meets – Spring / Summer / Autumn
  • Matches vs Other Alumni
  • Grafton Morrish (Est. 1962)
  • Edward Harris Cup (Est. 1938)
  • Match vs Dean Close School

To be added to the mailing list or if you have any other questions please contact Alex Hume

Golf Report 2020

The Edward Harris Cup, which was due to be played at Royal Porthcawl Golf Club in October 2019, was cancelled due to bad weather, rain and 40mph winds.

Autumn Meeting, October 2019.

ODs headed to the Berkshire Golf Club for the Autumn Meeting.  This year, the competition for The Hardy Trophy was played on the Blue Course.

Alasdair Carroll (Court 1984) won the competition and is pictured here being awarded the trophy by the ODGS President, Brian Wilson. Alasdair won with 37pts, just pipping Dale Mullins (Court 1977) and Ali Smith (Field 2003) to the post.

Spring Meeting and the Close Community Golf Day 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19.

Grafton Morrish Qualifier 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19.

Summer Open, July 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19.

The Spa Trophy – July 2020

Once again, the Old Decanians were crowned winners in the clash against the Old Cheltonians, winning 4-3 in the 4BBB match play competition.  The annual fixture, always a close affair, was this year again played in the beautiful setting of West Hill Golf Course in Woking, Surrey. The ODs have now been in possession of the Spa Trophy for 13 years, winning the last eight in a row.

Team (L-R): Ian Leopold (Field 1976), Ali Smith (Field 2003), Tim Lawrence (Field 1976), Harry Brookes (Field 2019), Nigel Newport-Black (Tower 1980), Ryan Brignull (Dale 2003), Ian Bevan-Jones (Tower 1972), Alex Hume (Dale 2002), Julian Rowett (Gate 1969), Robert Reed (Brook 1962), Robert Hornby (Field 1967), Giles Barton (Dale 1995), Alasdair Carroll (Court 1984) and Will Odell (Field 1994).

Upcoming fixtures before the end of the year include:

Edward Harris Cup at Royal Porthcawl Golf Club on Friday 2 October.
Hardy Trophy at The Berkshire Golf Club on Thursday 15 October.

If you would like to be added to the OD Golf communications, please email Alex Hume: ods@deanclose.org.uk

Golf Report 2019

Golf Report 2018/19 

If you would like to be added to the OD Golf communications, please email Alex at: ods@deanclose.org.uk 

Edward Harris Cup 

October 2018 

The 2018 Edward Harris Cup was played at Blackwell Golf Club near Bromsgrove, as it was the turn of the Old Bromsgrovians to host the fixture. The Old Decanian Society came 3rd with 119 points losing out to Malvern and the eventual winner Wycliffe. The side was made up of Alex Hume (Dale 2002), Tony Marchand (Former Staff), Giles Barton (Field 1995), Nigel Newport-Black (Tower 1980), Alasdair Carroll (Gate 1984), Chris Dyer (Tower 1980), Julian Rowett (Gate 1969) and Robert Hornby (Field 1967). The Old Malvernians are hosting in 2019 at Royal Porthcawl Golf Club, which we look forward to. 

Autumn Meeting 

October 2018 

The Autumn Meeting was another fabulous occasion played at the magnificent Berkshire. In the morning, we played on the Blue Course for the Hardy Trophy. Jon Sidebottom (Brook 1997) taking the glory this year with a fantastic round of golf, Jon is pictured here receiving the trophy from the President, Brian Wilson. 

Spring Meeting and the Close Community Golf Day 2019 

The Presidents Cup was played in conjunction with the Close Community Golf Day, the Odell Cup, this year. The competitions were held at Cotswold Hills Golf Club in March, current pupil Harry Brookes organised the golf day in aid of Nyakatura Memorial School in Uganda, which Dean Close has helped support since 2005. The day was a huge success with 56 participants raising a total of £1655.65 for Nyakatura. 

Winner of the President’s Cup – Alex Hume (Dale 2002) 

Winner of the Odell Trophy 2019 – Andrew Brookes (Current Parent) 

Winning Team – Andrew Brookes (Current Parent), Mark Beaney, Johnny Rowe and Richard Lunn 

Closest to the Pin – Blanche Neal (Current Parent) 

Longest Drive (Men’s) – Alfie Henson (Current Pupil) 

Longest Drive (Women’s) – Tracey Legg (Past Parent) 

Winners of Beat the Pro – Paul Haigh, Jason Cheshire, Harry Brookes, Russell Legg, Andrew Brookes and Chris Chrichton. 

Grafton Morrish Qualifier 2019 

In May, the side of Jon Sidebottom (Brook 1997), Nigel Newport-Black (Tower 1980), Mike Wigley 

(Court 1967), Alex Carlise (Dale 2004), Ali Smith (Field 2003) and Ryan Brignull (Dale 2003) missed out on qualifying for the 2019 Finals by just 6pts. The West Qualifier was once again played at Denham GC with a competitive field of entrants. 

Summer Open, July 2019 

The Summer Open was played for the first time for a trophy. The first winner of the Summer Cup, with 37pts, was Tony Marchand (Former Staff), closely followed by John Sidebottom (Brook 1997) who on count back kept Julian Rowett (Gate 1969) out of 2nd place. 

Old Decanians vs Old Cheltonians, The Spa Trophy, July 2019 

The ODs have now held the Spa Trophy for the last twelve years, winning the last six meetings in a row. This year we won 2&1 on a lovely day at a wonderful venue, West Hill Golf Club, Woking. The OCs pushed the match to the last green, until Ali Smith sank a putt to see him and his partner Jeremey Winter go 1 up to clinch the trophy.  

The team pictured here…back row L-R: Ali Smith (Field 2003), Julian Rowett (Gate 1969), Tim Lawrence (Field 1967), Derek Lewis (Brook 1962) and Giles Barton (Field 1995). Front row R-L: Jeremey Winter (Court 1961), Robert Reed (Brook 1962), Brian Wilson (Former Staff) and Alex Hume (Dale 2002). 

Golf Report 2018

Grafton Morrish Finals – 28th September to 1st October 2017

Ryan Brignull (Dale 2003), Robert Hornby (Field 1967), Nigel Newport-Black (Tower 1980), Jon Sidebottom (Brook 1997), Joe Jenkins (Dale 2003) and Ian Bevan-Jones (Tower 1972) represented the ODS in the Grafton Morrish Finals 2017 (UK wide, scratch golf competition) at Royal Norfolk Golf Club and Hunstanton Golf Club. It was a fantastic achievement to even reach the finals and they played some excellent golf over the 3 days.


Edward Harris Cup – Friday 6th October 2017 

This year the competition was held at Ross on Wye Golf Club. The team, made up of Alex Hume (Dale 2002), Chris Dyer (Tower 1980), Ian Bevan-Jones (Tower 1972), James Ford (Dale 1980), Julian Rowett (Gate 1969), Alastair Carroll (Gate 1984), Stan Close (Tower 1959) and Chris Renfrew (Tower 1977), came joint 4th this year, level with Cheltenham College and behind Bromsgrove, the overall champions. 2018 sees the Old Bromsgrovians hosting the event at Blackwell Golf Club on Friday 5th October, which we very much look forward to.


Autumn Meeting (Hardy Trophy) – Thursday 19th October 2017

The Hardy Trophy this year was well-earnt by James Ford (Dale 1980), whose son Jack (Dale 2010) was in the top three…..a good days golfing for the Ford family.


Spring Meeting, The Presidents Cup 2018

Unfortunately, the first fixture of the summer was a wash out with the forecast of torrential rain coming to fruition, which was frustrating for the 25 golfers that signed up to play at Cotswold Hills Golf Club. The decision was made to play the Presidents Cup alongside the Odell Trophy at the Close Community Golf Day.


Close Community Golf Day at Minchinhampton Golf Club – Friday 18th May 2018

As mentioned above, this year there were two trophies up for grabs for the 30 players that signed up.


Winner of the Odell Trophy:
Russell Legg (Past Parent)

Winner of the Presidents Cup:
Brian Wilson (Former Staff)

Winning Team:
Cod Carroll (Gate 1984)
Tom Gower (Tower 1995)
Ross Haines (Tower 2016)
Rupert Lane (Gate 1962)

Closest to the Pin:
Brian Wilson (Former Staff)

Longest Drive (Men’s)
Giles Barton (Field 1995)

Longest Drive (Women’s)
Tracey Legg (Past Parent)


Grafton Morrish Qualifier at Denham Golf Club – Sunday 20th May 2018

Unfortunately, under the captaincy of Joe Jenkins, it was not meant to be this year, and the Old Decanians missed qualification for the finals of the Grafton Morrish 2018.


Golf Week July 2018

Golf Week 2018 saw us play at three fantastic golf clubs. The first was Blackwell Golf Club where there was a tie between two teams; Alex Hume (Dale 2002) & Giles Barton (Field 1995) drew against Alastair Carrol (Gate 1984) & Derek Lewis (Brook 1962). On Day 2, we headed to the Manor House Golf Club at Castle Coombe, where Alastair Carrol was victorious, winning on the 18th green. We then moved onto Minchinhampton Golf Club. Tony Marchant won the overall with 39 points, just in front of Tom Gower (Tower 1995) and Andrew Odell (Field 1992). Mike Bawden (Gate 1965) got the award for closest to the pin and Andrew Odell smashed the longest drive.


Old Decanians vs Old Cheltonians, The Spa Trophy – Friday 20th July 2018

The Old Decanians managed to bring the Spa Trophy back to Dean Close for the 11th year in a row, after a 3&1 win over the ‘old enemy’…the Old Cheltonians (Cheltenham College). The match played on the Red Course at The Berkshire was another tight affair but the ODs comfortably crossed the winning line.

Julian Rowett (Gate 1969), Huw Davies-Thomas (Gate 1984), Alastair Carroll (Gate 1984) & Jon Sidebottom (Brook 1997). Front row L-R: Jeremy Winter, Ali Smith (Field 2003), Alex Hume (Dale 2002), Robert Hornby (Field 1967) and Nick Kenyon (Brook 1989).


Golf Report 2017

Close Community Golf Day
The Close Community Golf Day held at Minchinhampton Golf Club on Friday 19th May was a fantastic day as 30+ current parents, former parents, ODs and former members of common room set out to win the Odell Cup. Congratulations to all the winners and to Hank Cownie (Brook 1951) who at the age of 84 took home not one but two trophies with 46 pts, owing to the Old Decanians playing at the Close Community Day also playing for the President’s Cup which had to be rolled over from the rain-cancelled Spring Meeting.

Odell Trophy – Hank Cownie (Brook 1951)
Presidents Cup (ODs only) – Hank Cownie (Brook 1951)
Longest Drive Men’s – Andrew Odell (Field 1992)
Longest Drive Women’s – Lisa Lineham (Past Parent)
Nearest the pin – Margot Petkovic (Past Parent)
Team Prize – Andrew Hume (Past Parent), Don D’Ambrosio (Past Parent), Barry Chaplain (Past Parent) and Hank Cownie (Brook 1951)

Grafton Morrish
The National Public School Boys Alumni Championships
A massive congratulations to Joe Jenkins (Capt), Nigel Newport-Black, Jon Sidebottom, Ryan Brignull, Ian Bevan-Jones and Ali Smith who all played in the Grafton Morrish qualifiers at Denham in May and once again got the Old Decanian Society into finals, which were held at the end of September at Hunstanton GC and Royal West Norfolk GC. The team put in a solid performance against some outstanding competition. For all the results from the finals click here www.graftonmorris.org.uk .

The Spa Trophy – ODs vs Old Cheltonians – We did it again!
The ODs hold on to the trophy for the 9th year in a row! The side of Ali Smith, Jon Sidebottom, Julian Rowett, Robert Reed, Ryan Brignull, James Ford and Will Odell, under the captaincy of Nigel Newport-Black, managed to win the trophy for another year with a score of 3-1. This year the match took place on the ODs’ home course at The Berkshire on the Blue Course. Embarrassingly, we went down with the trophy already engraved with the ODs as the winners, as the engravers had decided to skip a year and name the ODs the winners for a match that had not yet taken place!

Golf Report 2016

Autumn Meeting 2016 – Hardy Trophy
Played once again on the magnificent Red Course at The Berkshire, which provides a perfect background for one of the highlight competitions of the ODGS year. Dale Mullins took home the trophy this year with a solid 35pts, closely followed by Ian Bevan-Jones with 32pts and the defending champion Jon Sidebottom who came in third with 31pts.

Edward Harris Trophy – Royal Porthcawl GC
On Friday 7th October it was time to defend the trophy that we had won the year before. The side made up of Ian Bevan-Jones, Mike Harry, Cod Carroll, Jon Sidebottom, Graham Papenfus, James Ford, Alex Hume and Julian Rowett went out to do battle against the opposition, this year made up of Brecon, Bromsgrove, Cheltenham College, Hereford Cathedral, Malvern and Wycliffe. Wycliffe took home the trophy with a splendid performance from all of their team. We head to Ross on Wye Golf Club for the 2017 competition.

The Spa Trophy – ODGS v OCGS
It’s now the 8th year in a row that we have won or retailed the Spa Trophy. After last year’s battle at the Berkshire Golf Club where we won 2.5 to 1.5, it was the turn of the Old Cheltonians to pick a venue. They chose Minchinhampton Golf Club, home to Tony Marchand. This turned out to be a mistake on their part as Tony held his nerve and sunk the winning put on the 18th for Dean Close to win the trophy.

Congratulations to this year’s team that was captained by Tim Lawrence and included, Oliver Coombes, Sam Whatley, Robert Hornby, Tony Marchand and Anthony Coombes.

Golf Week in our 125th year of the Society – July 2016
Day one started as usual at the magnificent Royal Porthcawl Golf Club on the Welsh South Coast. It was a little breezy, but the sun was out and the course was in great condition. Peter Morgan (Gate, 1963) hosted us as match manager and before we went out onto the course we treated ourselves to a few Kümmels. The trick was to stay on the fairway as the rough was very punishing. Robert Hornby (Field, 1967) managed this the best and did not lose a ball on his way to taking the spoils this year with 31pts, followed closely behind by Ian Bevan-Jones (Tower, 1972) with 28pts. The golf was followed by a lovely dinner in the clubhouse overlooking the 18th green and the Bristol Channel.

Up early, onto the M4 to Castle Combe and The Manor House Golf Club. Day two, we collected Alasdair Carroll (Gate, 1984), Huw Davies-Thomas (Gate, 1984), Jon Sidebottom (Brook,1997) and Edward King. Robert Reed took on the lead as match manager. Buggies were a welcome relief for those that stayed up a little too late at RPGC. The winner today was Jon Sidebottom who scored 36pts off a handicap of 8, a great back nine ensured he stayed ahead of Huw Davies-Thomas. Some of us then headed back to Dean Close to watch the 20/20 OD Cricket match.

Day three we went to The Rolls Golf Club in Monmouth. David Carpenter (Field, 1963) was a new arrival. The course again was in great condition with the greens slick. The Reed Trophy had been relocated to this fixture and this year’s winner on countback was Cod Carroll, just in front of Robert Hornby, who had been playing well all week.

Thursday, we ventured a little closer to home playing on the Avening Course at Minchinhampton Golf Club. Thank you to Tony Marchand for doingthe duty as Match Manager. It was great to see Charlie Malsbury (Brook, 1971), George Lane, Rupert Lane (Gate, 1962), John Denley (Court 1988), our President Brian Wilson, and last minute entry Tim Odell join us for day four of the tour. George Lane was the winner with 32pts, inspired by playing alongside the Secretary and President of the club! George was closely followed by Tony Marchand who had his handicap further reduced as it was his home course. The final day, Tim Odell took the lead as match manager. Stan Close (Tower, 1959) came back to the tour after resting his back after aggravating a back injury at Porthcawl. Julian Rowett also took a little break after Porthcawl and this relaxation obviously worked as he took the money on day 5, followed by Charlie Malsbury, who came second.

Golf Report 2015


Spring Meeting – The Presidents Cup: Richard Rose

Summer Tour Wins: Ian Bevan-Jones, Jon Sidebottom, Rupert Lane, Julian Rowett & Alex Hume

Spa Trophy(ODGS vs Old Cheltonian Golf Society): Old Decanian Society

Old Decanians Vs Dean Close School: Old Decanian Society

Edward Harris Cup (Welsh Public Schools knockout competition): Old Decanian Society

Grafton Morrish (Public School knockout competition): Charterhouse

Autumn Meeting – The Hardy Trophy: Jon Sidebottom


Here is a quick look at last year, and some of what is coming up this year.

The Spring Meeting is fast approaching on Friday 4th March at Cotswold Hills GC, where we will be vying for the ‘Presidents’ Cup’ which was won last year in disgusting weather by Richard Rose (with 36 pts), followed closely by Julian Rowett (34 pts) and Tony Marchand (33 pts). Who shall be sipping on that Champagne this year?!

The Grafton Morrish West Qualifier is on Sunday 15th May at Denham GC, last year was not our year, with the team missing out on qualifying by about 10 pts, but this is a new year! If you would like to put yourself forward for selection for this nationwide scratch competition let me know and I will pass it on to Joe Jenkins who is taking on the captaincy again this year. The Finals are at Hunstanton GC and Royal West Norfolk GC on the 7th – 9th October.

At the end of June the ODGS vs DCS match took place at Cotswold Hills GC, where the team consisting of James Ford, Jon Sidebottom, David Carpenter, Rupert Lane, Sam Wood and myself lifted the trophy for the 6th consecutive year! It was a close one this year with our first group losing 4&3, the second group winning 1up and the final pairing coming through with a 6&5 win.

The Summer Tour, held during the OD cricket week in July, continues to be a success, with five matches throughout the week. Starting with the stunning Royal Porthcawl GC where Ian Bevan-Jones ran out victorious, this was followed by the annual OD Welsh Dinner held at the golf club overlooking the 18th. Then it was up early with a few sore heads on to The Manor GC, where we dodged some rain clouds and Jon Sidebottom took home the spoils with 38pts. Wednesday was the turn of Cleeve Hill GC with Rupert Lane (34 pts) winning just in front of Will Odell (32pts), even with Rupert having his concentration disrupted after he got a telling off by a lady on a horse who was galloping down the fairway and Rupert was in her way! On to Minchinhampton GC where we played the Cherington Course which was mastered by Julian Rowett who had 37 pts just in front of Huw Davies-Thomas and Robert Hornby. The final day of the week saw us at Broadway GC with its stunning views. Julian, who was on a high from his win the previous day, was tamed by yours truly (thanks for beer and the lunch afterward Julian!). Another great week!

All this year’s fixtures are on the fixture card…get them in your diary…Mon 11th – 15th of July. N.B. The crickets are holding BBQs on the Wednesday and Friday this year which we are all invited to and we always support. Don’t forget that we can arrange accommodation at the school during this week, so just let me know.

In October we WON the Edward Harris Cup which we hosted at The Manor GC. This is the third time we have got our name on the trophy (2006 & 2008). The team, consisting of Tim Lawrence, Robert Reed, Ian Bevan-Jones, James Ford, Cod Carroll, Julian Rowett, Jon Sidebottom and myself, were 10pts ahead of the Old Cheltonians and Old Bromgrovians who came tied second. Let’s see if we can retain it when it heads to Royal Porthcawl this year in October.

There was a fantastic turn out at the October Autumn Meeting at the Berkshire GC where we took on the Blue course to compete for the Hardy Trophy. Ryan Brignull came 3rd, last year’s winner James Ford was in 2nd and the winner was Jon Sidebottom with 37pts.

The season was nicely topped off with a win against the Old Cheltonians to ensure that the Spa Trophy came back to Dean Close for the 8th consecutive year. We played at the end of October this year in a rescheduled fixture after the July match was called off due to heavy overnight rain. Again this was a very close affair 2.5 to 1.5. This year the OCs are hosting and taking us to Minchinhampton GC on July 22nd.

Massive thank you to all the match managers; you do an amazing job. Winners from last year, don’t forget to get your trophies engraved and polished ready to be handed over or retained this season!

Another fixture that has been added as part of this year’s 125 celebrations is the Close Community Golf Day which will be held the day before Commem on Friday 27th May at Minchinhampton. This is open to all connected with the School, including past parents, current parents, ODs, pupils etc. I hope you can come to give a good presence and show off the ODGS!

Golf Report 2014


Qualifying – Denham Golf Club (Report – May 2014)

Qualification for the finals of the Grafton Morrish Trophy, a high profile annual public schools golf foursomes competition played off scratch has eluded the ODS for many years going back well into the last century. However at Denham Golf Club on Sunday 18th May 2014 the ODs team of six created history by finishing fifth out of 18 schools taking part at this qualifying venue, scoring 75 points.

There was not too much of a hint of things to come as Rupert and Joe Lane found points hard to come by on their first nine holes, but a better second nine saw them finish with a steady score of 20 points.

The ODS second pair, Andrew Odell and Tim Lawrence though were looking good from the start, playing consistent good golf throughout highlighted by a spectacular Eagle three at the par five 14th which boosted their final score to 30.

The final pair of skipper Rob Reed and young Sam Wood started perfectly with a birdie at the first and although they didn’t quite build on this in that nine, a further birdie at the 13th and a fine finish boosted their final score to 25 and the team score to 75 points.

It wasn’t long before qualification for the finals at Hunstanton in October had been confirmed. What a day!

Jeremy Winter, 19th May 2014.

Congratulations to those who have been chosen to represent the ODGS in the finals…
The ODGS Team: Ian Bevan-Jones (Tower 1972), Lee Cowan (Tower 2013), Hew Davies Thomas (Gate 1984), Joe Jenkins (Dale 2001), Mike Wigley (Court 1967) and Sam Wood (Dale 2013).

Match Manager and Reserve: Robert Reed (Brook, 1962)



The ODGS Team: Alasdair Carroll (Gate 1984), Chris Dyer (Tower 1980), Alex Hume (Dale 2002), James Ford (Dale 1980), Tim Lawrence (Field 1976), Chris Renfrew (Tower 1977), Julian Rowett (Gate 1969) and Jon Sidebottom (Brook 1997).

Reserve: Rupert Lane (Gate 1962)

Match Manager: Jeremy Winter (Court 1961)

Edward Harris – Report 2014

Almost the last beautiful day of the season greeted all at Cotswold Hills G.C. on 3rd October for the Edward Harris Cup, first played for in 1938.

A better ball stableford competition off handicap, with the best three of four cards to count make it a very enjoyable format as indeed it was for the ODS with a final score of 130 points (44,44 & 42).

However it could have been even more so with just one more point, as this was the slim margin in the end between the winners, the host team the Old Cheltonians and the ODS who finished runners up.

Anticipation was high with both of the ODS first two pairings, Chris Dyer & Cod Carroll and Jon Sidebottom & Julian Rowett coming in with 44 points. A bit of a gap then until Tim Lawrence & Alex Hume completed with a fine 42, followed shortly with 41 from James Ford & Chris Renfrew.

To hear at the post match meal that we had ben pipped by one point was a bit of a stunner and left chaps thinking about putts that stopped on the lip etc.!

Jeremy Winter – October 2014

The side ‘commisserating’ after losing by 1 point to the Old Cheltonians







The annual golf match v The School took place again in June at Cotswold Hills G.C. and resulted in a 2-1 win for the O.D.’s thanks to John Barker holing an 8 foot putt on the 18th to clinch a one up win with his partner Jon Sidebottom against the school pair of Sam Wheatley and Josh Greasley.

Match one was won 3 & 2 by the O.D pair of Sam Wood and Chris Renfrew over the schools Oli Day and Oli Cahill, thanks to their spectacular 3 under par gross score on the second nine.

Match two went to the school’s experienced pairing of Andy Swarbrick and Jeremy Niblett 4&3 over Josh Chaplin and Mike Abbley,who actually recovered somewhat in the second nine but the damage was done earlier.

A very enjoyable event with a good hearty steak and kidney pie meal at the golf club after.

Jeremy Winter (June 2014)


A glorious day awaited the ODGS for the Autumn meet. Which this year was dedicated to Robert Reed as a thank you for all his work over the years with the ODGS, without Robert we would not be where we are now.

Above Left: James Ford being awarded the Hardy Trophy for an excellent round on the Red course at The Berkshire Golf Club.

Brian Wilson presenting Robert Reed with an engraved crystal bowl.










“The Summer Tour was a success again this year, with the weather being bright and dry throughout – marvellous golfing weather at super venues. A select gathering of golfers attended a most enjoyable OD Dinner at Royal Porthcawl GC which also gave us the most memorable sunset that I can recall. Most of the regular golfers as well as some new faces were in evidence during ‘the week’. The winners were Brian Wilson, Tim Lawrence, Will Odell, Cod Carroll and Huw Davies -Thomas.

The ODCC hosted a ‘hog roast’ beside the Pavilion, along with the OD golfers, on the Wednesday evening which was attended by Gloucester Gypsies and School staff old and new. It was good to see Chris Kenyon and Tim Odell ensuring that the party went with a swing.”

Robert Reed – Summer 2014


This is year we were the visiting team in the annual match against Cheltenham College Old Boys which was held at Denham GC in July on a fine and sunny afternoon. We managed to beat ‘the old enemy’, which means that they have not been able to get their hands on the Spa Trophy now for the seven years since its inception. – long may this last!

Robert Reed – July 2014

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