As it is nearing the end of term everyone is full of excitement. Since half term there have been multiple events which have happened both in and outside of school. Year 8 headed off to Devon for the Leavers’ Trip for a week, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Pupils tried multiple activities, such as: coasteering, surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing and ring going, even the teachers had a go and we also had a surprise visit from the Headmaster!

The Middle Christian Union journeyed to Devon as well, and from what I have heard from the pupils, it was an outstanding trip.

Years 3, 4 and 5 went on an Expedition day on Monday, the Year 3s visited Puzzlewood where they ventured round in groups and did some really fun activities. The Year 4s travelled to the Forest of Dean where they met some Peregrine falcons and trekked through the forest and the Year 5s travelled to the beautiful 18TH century Croome Court mansion and gardens.

As it is coming to the end of term Leah and I hope everyone will maintain their fantastic high standards and keep working hard. We hope you all have a wonderful last10 daysof term!