The Centenary Hall was transformed into a Tudor Court, as Year 5 pupils welcomed the notorious King Henry VIII, for a day learning about Tudor history. The children were enthralled and delighted as this imposing monarch retold tales of jousting, medieval punishments and what it was like to be a courtier in Tudor times.

Dressed in magnificent authentic costumes, not only did the King explain some of the challenges he faced ruling England, he entertained the children with a variety of musical instruments, playing songs the King would have written and played himself, an often overlooked part of his infamous character.

“Good King Hal brings history to life teaching the children in a fun and engaging way detailed accurate, information about Tudor times, which hopefully the children will remember for many years to come.” said Mr Gould, Head of History.

“What a fantastic day! I have always been fascinated by Henry the VIII, probably because he had so many wives.” said Flora Ousey “I had no idea he had been such a clever King speaking Latin, French and Spanish fluently, as well writing music and playing tennis!”

The day ended with a grand Tudor Jousting Tournament, with the children riding hobby horses and onlookers cheering for their favourites.