The topic this term in Year Two has been ‘Cheltenham’ and as part of their studies pupils have been learning about the history of our own School, Dean Close.

At the beginning of term, pupils had a very interesting morning at Dean Close Senior School where
Mr Whitney and Mrs Pritchard-Woods gave us a tour and taught us about the history of Dean Close School. Pupils leant that originally the School was surrounded by farms and Shelburne Road was a
dirt track. We also discovered the first Headmaster was called Reverend Flecker – he was just 26 years old when he started!

Pupils also discovered what a day at school might have been like for pupils in 1886, when the School started. They saw old photographs and learnt that in the olden days the prefects had sticks to keep
the pupils in line! The children then visited the Chapel and learnt that inside it has brick arches, which are very unusual and the pews are arranged in the same way as most of the Oxford and Cambridge Colleges. We also learnt that the old oak tree outside the Chapel was planted when the School was built – so it is now nearly 130 years old!

The visit really bought history to life and the children returned to the Pre-Prep excited to learn more facts about the School – including researching information about the School shield and motto, and about famous Old Decanians!