Pre-Prep was roaring with lions, leopards and other wild animals as pupils came to School all dressed up to enjoy an ‘On Safari’ Wow Day.

The morning started with pupils planning and making their own sandwiches for a picnic to take on a jungle expedition. Once they were all packed up everyone explored the playground and journeyed to the Forest School to discover which animals they could find hiding in the undergrowth.

After an exciting adventure pupils enjoyed completing several animal-related activities including completing a safari workbook, making animal masks and even taking part in a safari treasure hunt, which was entirely in French!

“The children had a wonderful day.” explained, Deputy Head and Year 2 Teacher, Mr James Cowling, ‘”At Pre-Prep we love bringing learning to life by having special days at school. Today the children have learnt lots of new amazing safari animal facts such as; black rhinos are not really black – they are grey and baby elephants suck their trunks like baby humans suck their thumbs and they get sunburnt!”