Pupils in Year 6 enjoyed a fascinating trip to the Houses of Parliament in London, as part of their PSHCE citizenship education. Prior to a tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, including a special welcome from ‘our own’ Lord Ribeiro (OD and President of the Dean Close Council of Members), the pupils and staff visited notable landmarks, including Horseguards Parade, Downing Street, Whitehall and Westminster Bridge. They even had their picnic lunch with the Queen (Victoria’s statue) outside Buckingham Palace and an afternoon stroll through a royal park.

‘Being shown around the House of Lords and seeing the golden throne of the Queen,’ were some of the highlights mentioned by excited pupils, (as well as witnessing a debate in progress in the House of Commons).

The visit concluded with an interactive workshop at the
Parliament Education Centre, where the pupils played the roles
of MPs and Peers, as they took part in a mock debate and
learnt about the passage of a bill through Parliament.

The Headmaster, Mr Moss enjoyed the visit very much saying,
“Fantastic experience! The pupils were at the centre of power
and witnessed history in the making. What a wonderful
opportunity to be shown around the House of Lords by a real,
life Lord and our own Lord Ribeiro OD!”