Before Half Term the School welcomed parenting expert and mother of five, Madeleine Stanimeros into School to give a talk on ‘How to raise emotionally healthy children in the digital age. ‘

Madeleine began her presentation by explaining a little bit about how the brain works and how it develops as children grow. This lay the foundation for why social media, digital information and digital entertainment are so addictive. Madeleine then covered topics such as ‘Why creating a parent/child contract for when they do have a phone is important’, Is it reasonable to ‘spot’ check your children’s devices?’  And ‘How to avoid their devices becoming the hotbed of conflict in family life’. She also had some top tips for helping your child to develop some healthy habits like, having no tech days as we do here in the Boarding Houses and asking children to leave their phones in a central place before dinner and bedtime.

Finally, before taking questions, she covered some of the apps and websites that are becoming popular amongst children today other than Snap Chat and Instagram.

You can listen to the whole 45 minute talk using the link below. The sound is quite quiet, so headphones or an iPad are recommended for the best result.