At the start of each academic year the Headmaster appoints new Year 8 prefects. To help them in their new roles, the prefects travel to Kingham Hill School to take part, with a number of other schools, in TISCA training. TISCA stands forThe Independent Schools Christian Alliance. Dean Close School hosts the Senior School Prefect Training the following week. Throughout the day they receive training in leadership, communication and team building skills.

During theirleadership training the pupils weregiven many examples of good leadership – such as Sandhurst Military Academy whose motto is ‘Serve to lead’, they were also asked to identify what makes a good leader.Pupils were theninvolved in four different leadership activities, whichmeant theyhad to workas a team; these activities helped identifytheir various strengths and weaknesses which then discussed,brainstorming ideas on howthey might improve.

After lunch the prefects worked with some Sixth Form prefects on the prefect job description andthey also worked through various scenarios that they may face as a leader.

“It was a really interesting day”, said Jamie Treatman-Clarke, “Not only did I learn how to handle some challenging situations, I got to know my fellow prefects much better, which will help me ifI need support when carrying out my prefect duties.”