This year in the drama section of the Cheltenham Festival, we did incredibly well,beating last year’s record of 46 medals and 7 Championship Cups by winning 65 medals in total; 25 Gold, 20 Silver and 20 Bronze, what an amazing achievement!. Alongside this, we managed to win 10 out of the 12 available Championship Cups for school years 3 – 8.

DCPS pupils were also awarded an impressive 16 Outstanding Achievement Awards; these are given in recognition of a performance which is deemed to surpass the expectations for the performer’s age. A huge congratulations for the 189 excellent performances, learnt and performed by our talented Prep School Pupils.

Verse Speaking under 7 Years
Lex Recine 87 Gold

Share a Poem School Year 6 & under

Henry Jordan & Charlie Harris 90 Gold
*Outstanding Award* & The Stylus Four Challenge Cup
Corinna Clarkson & Olivia Thomas 88 Silver
Lucy Humphreys & Niamh Allen 87 Bronze
Daisy Mardon, India McNulty & Lydia Coniam 87 Bronze

Verse Speaking 11 Years
Lily Griffiths91 Gold
*Outstanding Award* & Sir Ian Yeaman Challenge Cup
Nick Schubach 91 Gold
*Outstanding Award* & Sir Ian Yeaman Challenge Cup
Daisy Mason 91 Gold
*Outstanding Award* & Sir Ian Yeaman Challenge Cup
Katie Smart90 Silver *Outstanding Award*
Daphne Bennett 89 Bronze

Verse Speaking 10 Years
Niamh Allen 90 Gold
*Outstanding award* & The Donald Harries Memorial Cup
Lucy Humphreys 89 Gold
Charlie McKinnes 88 Silver

Verse Speaking 9 Years
Connie Britton 89 Gold
& The Jacqueline Chidzoy Challenge Cup
Joe Stocks 87 Silver
Christienne Cottam 87 Bronze

Verse Speaking 8 Years
Olivia Thomas 89 Gold
Ben Lord 88 Bronze
Henry Swan87 Bronze

Verse Speaking 7 Years
Naiya Mistry 89 Gold
The Young Star Cup
Thomas Ridsdale 87 Gold
Talia Recine 86 Silver
Archie Pickering 86 Silver
Freddie Taylor 85 Bronze

Prose Reading School Years 7 & 8
Lily Talbot91 Gold
*Outstanding Award* The Rex Holdsworth Challenge Cup
Hannah Porter88 Silver
Jesse Slade 89 Bronze

Prose Reading School Years 5 & 6
Lucy Humphreys 90 Gold
*Outstanding Award* The Paddy Grimshaw Cup
Niamh Allen 89 Silver
Luke Cartwright 88 Bronze

Prose Reading School Year 4 & under
Talia Recine90 Bronze *Outstanding Award*
Henry Swan 90 Bronze *Outstanding Award*
Isabella Phillips 87 Bronze

Reading Recital School Years 7, 8 & 9
Hannah Porter 89 Gold
The Enid Jackman Challenge Cup
Grace Greaves 88 Silver
Harriet Minter87 Bronze

Reading Recital School Year 6 & under
Connie Britton 86 Silver
Cassian Pichler-Roca 86 Silver

Sight Reading 12 Years
Ethan Bareham 86 Silver
Jamie Shellem 85 Bronze

Sight Reading 11 Years
Jesse Slade 92 Gold
*Outstanding Award*
Conor Brockie 90 Silver
*Outstanding Award*
Katie Smart89 Bronze

Sight Reading 10 Years
Niamh Allen 90 Gold
*Outstanding Award*
Jamie Treatman-Clark 88 Silver
Calum Lee 87 Bronze

Sight Reading 9 Years
Connie Britton87 Bronze

Sight Reading of a Dramatic Scene 11 & 12 Years
Ethan Bareham 88 Gold
Jesse Slade 87 Silver

Prose Speaking 9 Years & under 12 Years
Connie Britton 91 Gold
*Outstanding Award*
Daphne Bennett 90 Silver
*Outstanding Award*

Solo Acting 9 & 10 Years
Zach Brooks 89 Gold
Jamie Treatman-Clark89 Silver

Solo Acting 11 & 12 Year
Jesse Slade90 Gold
*Outstanding Award*
Toby Greaves 89 Gold
Hannah Porter88 Gold
Ethan Bareham88 Gold
Katie Smart87 Silver
Conor Brockie86 Bronze

Share a Poem School Year 7 & 8
Freddie Philip-Sorensen, Toby Greaves & Conor Brockie88 Gold
The Theatre Studio Challenge Cup
Abbey Tanega & Izzy Nevin 86 Bronze

Choral Speaking School Year 6 & under
DCPS 6MC 88 Gold
The Charlton Kings Challenge Cup
DCPS 6RB87 Silver
DCPS 6ME86 Bronze
DCPPS Year 2 SquirrelsSilver