Recently Reception Class went to Pizza Express in Cheltenham to learn how to make their very own cheese and tomato pizzas as part of learning about healthy eating! This is what they said happened…

“We went on a short minibus ride to get to Pizza Express in town, which was quite exciting in itself! We had to walk down a twisty, spiral staircase to get to our pizza making room, then we washed our hands and put on an apron and a chef’s hat.

The lady put some flour on the table, (so the pizza dough didn’t stick to the table or our fingers), then she gave us our dough. We pressed on the edges so that it looked like a fried egg shape, then we squashed down the middle until it was quite flat. After that we had to get the extra flour off the dough by patting the dough in between our hands –
this was quite tricky to do as it was stretchy and holes appeared if we were not careful!

We put it on a circle shaped pan and pushed the dough to the edges. Next we spread on some tomato sauce using the back of a spoon and added two handfuls of mozzarella cheese. Our pizzas were then put in a very hot oven for about four minutes.

When we brought them back to school we ate them for lunch. Everyone thought our pizzas looked delicious! And they were!”

By Reception VW (and Miss Walker who typed it!)