The poetry competition is an event which the whole school awaits each January, some eagerly, some
with trepidation. It is a chance to enjoy performing, watching and listening to some great poetry. It
helps build confidence and provides an opportunityfor children of all ages in the School to have a go
at reciting apoem and learning from the experience.

This year we had the pleasure of inviting Miss Rebecca Vines, Head of Speech and Drama at Dean
Close School to adjudicate the competition. Miss Vines has worked at the School for 14 years and
hasjudged many poetry competitions in the past, so we were fortunate to have such an

The competition opened with recitations fromfive pupils from Years 3 and 4. We heard a
wonderful variety of poems, including some humorous and entertaining offerings. We were amazed
by theoutstanding performances executed by the youngest of the Dean Close community. Lex
Recineenergetically presented The Crocodile (by Roald Dahl) and became the runner-up.Talia Recine, took first place, astounding us with her performance of Colonel Fazackerley (by Charles Causley). Miss Vines commented on her brilliant facial expressions and super interpretation of the poem.

Next, we were entertained by our ‘Intermediates’, five pupils for Years 5 and 6 who were equally as impressive. We enjoyed some enthusiastic readings and some thoughtful interpretations of the more serious poems. The runner-up for this category was Florence McKinnes who narrated Colonel Fazackerley (by Charles Causley). The winner was Olivia Thomas who deliveredan outstanding performance of Matilda (by Hilaire Belloc). Miss Vines was again impressed by her superb facial impressions and commented on her solid, mature performance.

Finally, came the Seniors,five pupils from Years 7 and 8. Daphne Bennett,took second place delivering a thought provoking poem: The Railings (by Roger McGough). The winner of the Senior competition was Charlie McKiness whose poem was the highlight of the performance. He recited Sammy (by Willie Russell). Miss Vines congratulated him on attempting a Liverpool accent and remarked on how he had ‘the audience in his hands’.

Overall, this year’s poetry competition was an enjoyable, engaging event.We would alllike to thank Miss Vines for giving up her time and expertise and for being so encouraging to all the finalists. I’m sure next year’s competitionwill be equally asimpressive.

By Iona Hutton, Year 8.