Recently Pre-Prep enjoyed a flying visit to Gloucestershire Airport as part of their current topic on ‘flight’.

On arrivalinto the terminal building the children were able to open their suitcases and do their activities whilst waiting to be called up to collect their boarding passes – some were heading to Paris and some to New York and they all had to show their passports! They then went through security, some of the children set off the security scanner as they went through to the departure lounge which gave the airport staff the opportunity to explain the reason for the scanner. The children then enjoyed a presentation about the history of the airport and the activities that take place day to day.

Later the children were taken outside and to a hanger to look at some private planes and helicopters, including a very special plane from the 1930s which is due to be restored for the RAF. They also saw the fire engines and were told about the differences between the airport fire engines and normal fire engines, including the size and the fact that the driver sits in the middle. On returning to the terminal the children saw where the luggage comes out, and after collecting their cases, the children returned to school.

Year Two teacher, Mrs Trant said, “It was lovely to have the hands-on experience at the airport to link with our exciting topic and we were especially lucky to see the ‘Avro Anson’ plane from the 1930sarrive into Gloucester to be renovated. The children learnt so much – it was a great trip!”