A new way of working!

This week we are starting a new adventure together and ‘change’ can often feel rather daunting, however we have been busy working on designing a new curriculum for this new challenge to ensure that we continue exciting and interactive learning over the next few weeks. Here are some tips to get started when learning at home – five ‘E’s…

Ensure you have a timetable with plenty of brain breaks – young children need brain breaks to keep them keen and enable them to get back to their learning tasks with more focus and enthusiasm. We have suggested a timetable which includes breaks such as playtime, but also encompasses the whole curriculum – PE, music and movement, art and DT

Excite – learning is so exciting for young children and inspiring and we are working hard on continuing to create a stimulating learning programme – albeit a remote one. In addition to following our lessons, follow your child’s interests too so that they have time to pursue some interesting and exciting new directions or find out about a topic in depth. We will also be providing clubs in a ‘remote’ new way so watch this space!

Encourage some independence – this can be difficult depending on the age of your child – however there is always part of a task that can be completed independently once they know what the task is – for example using the scissors to cut along the lines when doing a fine motor skills activity, having a go at sounding out a word, drawing a picture etc. This is important for them to grow their skills AND will be important for parents too!

Enjoy some challenge – encourage your child not to worry if they find a task a little challenging. It is good for children to try something new and to find something a little tricky at times – remind them of our positive learning attitude of persistence ‘if at first you don’t succeed – try, try, try again!’ We all need to make mistakes to get better!

Environment – make the environment conducive to learning by having a calm atmosphere – but also having a change in the environment when appropriate. In the lovely weather take your learning outside into the garden if you can. We will be providing some ideas for different play environments – essential for Early Years children – and different ways to learn for the older children.

Experience – this is a new experience for us all and we hope that we will be able to try many new things – such as film teachers giving the lesson introductions so this will be new for teachers too! We are looking forward to seeing your work too – and giving feedback in a new way, marking older children’s work, finding out about your new adventures and giving you some new experiences too.

Finally please do not forget that we are here and to ask us questions when you need to – you all have teachers’ email addresses. We are focused on ensuring your children continue to make excellent progress during this time so please know that now more than ever we are in partnership with you.


Please do stay safe and well.

Dr Carolyn Shelley

Dean Close Pre-Prep School