Earlier this week Pre-Prep installed its very own planetarium so the children could have a close-up and exciting experience with space, stars and the planets. The enormous science dome was set up in the Pre-Prep Hall, and each year grouptook turns to visit the planetarium, as part of their Science Day.

As well as learning about space and the planets, the children enjoyed an amazing day packed with other science activities. Nursery investigated bubbles with a giant bubble maker, Kindergarten looked at magnets, Reception investigated light and dark witha light box, Year 1 found out more about stars and Year 2 had an exciting visit to the Prep School Science labs, hosted by Mr Fraine, the Prep School Head of Science.

It was a fantastic day – here at Dean Close Pre-Prep we feel it is so important children are excited by Science and encouraged to investigate and make connections for themselves. The ability to think and solve problems is a key part of being able to respond to our rapidly changing world and starting at a young age is vital!