We were delighted that Sports Day was able to go ahead on our second date – and that the weather was perfect!  Parents, children and staff gathered excitedly for one of the highlights of the Pre-Prep School calendar. Year Two were the first to take to the starting line which they did with a great deal of enthusiasm, cheered on by excited parents and friends!

From Kittens to Year Two, all the children had a wonderful afternoon participating in a variety of races, from obstacle and sack races to sprints, including some exciting and unusual races, for example a children’s choice race which Reception children had devised themselves!   We also enjoyed a ‘safari race’ featuring Year Two pupils’ safari animals and a bean bag race for the Kittens!

After a wonderful afternoon parents and children then gathered on the Wilton lawn to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea. The children displayed great sportsmanship and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon – well done to each and everyone of you!