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At Squirrels, we are constantly striving to create ‘irresistible learning’ opportunities for each and every pupil, experiences which create the WOW factor – exciting, inspiring and challenging – so the children develop a joy of learning and can’t wait to learn more. When a child is enjoying their learning, they learn best!

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What is a WOW Day?

Each term, to start or finish a new topic, we hold exciting, dramatic, amazing WOW Days for each year group. These special days immediately captivate the children, bring learning to life and create an atmosphere of fun, enjoyment and excitement about the topic to come. On a WOW Day, children will participate in a range of exciting, different topic-based activities for example treasure hunts, hands on experiments, detective trails, talks from outside speakers or a visit to a local attraction or place of interest.


What happens on a WOW Day?

WOW Days are scheduled into the School calendar, so parents have plenty of notice should the children require a costume or be asked to bring an object from home as part of the learning. WOW Day activities vary depending on the subject we are investigating giving children the opportunity to take part in more unusual activities, such as our Creative Arts Day. This included painting to music in our open air amphitheatre, making mud sculptures in the Forest School and or handling a falcon as part of their Flight topic.


Up and coming WOW Days

Tuesday 10th September 2019: Year Two Dinosaur Detective Wow Day
Thursday 13th February 2020: ‘Traditional Tales’ Kindergarten Wow Day

Who takes part in a WOW Day?

WOW Days can be enjoyed by one year group at a time; we also plan whole school WOW Days each term – when the timetable is suspended for the day and every pupil will share in amazing learning together.  Children are able to explore an area of curriculum in more depth without the normal boundaries of time.

Little Linguists Wow Day 

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