The Product Design Technologists and pupils from 50 other schools engaged in a whole day of interactive lectures and activities. They were and able to speak to and hear from five different creative individuals including; Anna Ploszajski (Materials Science) on Career highs and lows and opportunities.  Ben Wilson on designing clothing to advertising and promotions for brands.  Bethan Wood on colour and pattern from London to Mexico. Pascal Anson hosted the event and spoke about his career, resourcefulness and design after this the technologist had to build a tower from just items provided to them considering form, stability, balance and tension.  The final speaker was one of the aeronautical engineers working on the ‘Gravity  Jet Suit’ that was seen recently in the news.  The participants found the presenters to be engaging, diverse and inspiring.
One of the pupils described the day as “Creative, inspiring and helped me understand what designers do”