Art scholars were recently treated to a portrait masterclass from OD George Thomas. Initially, using a palette knife they were shown how to mix the paints and thin them down with a mix of white spirit and linseed oil. Then, with a life model in situ, they worked on building up a portrait using a varied palette of colours and hues and focusing on areas of block colour which they worked over. After which they began marking up the correct proportions of the face using a deeper tone of brown before exploring mixing flesh tones and then adding the detail.

The pupils showed such amazing concentration and learnt a huge amount from George which they will take on and use in their painting in the future.

Emily age 13 said, “I have always been a bit wary of painting portraits, especially using oil paints and an easel. I am absolutely thrilled with my portrait. The effect created using George’s teaching has created a piece I am really proud of.”