Our new Year3 pupils started the academic yearwith a wonderful trip to Forest School in search of ‘hidden treasures’.During the morning they enjoyed a fantastic scavenger hunt, searched for hidden treasure and enjoyed listening to, ‘The Wonder’, by Faye Hanson.

On their search pupils found balancing sticks that could become fishing rods, pieces of wood that were candle holders and a fascinating collection of empty snail shells. However, the best hidden treasure they discovered was a slug laying a ‘necklace’ of beautiful eggs which looked like precious glass beads; it was incredible to watch it move them to safety.

After a, much needed,
hot chocolatebreak
they set off on a
scavenger hunt, some of the items on their lists were; feathers, a leaf
skeleton and something that caught their eye.

Evie Williams, said, “We found everything on the list, although an object that was the shape
of a letter took the longest to find. It was especially fun to start Year Three with a whole
morning in Forest School. You never know what you are going to find – we even
found a snail that we saw high up in a tree! ”

Forest School Leader and Year 3teacher, Mrs Hunt said, “Forest School is such a wonderful resource.
Every time we go there we always discover something new. This morning was particularly special as no-
one had ever seen a slug laying its eggs before – we had no idea they were so pretty. For the children to have the
opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and be independent in their learning is so important; hopefully some
wonderful memories have been created at the same time.”