Squadron DCPPS, Year 2, prepared for take-off and followed their flight plan to Gloucester’s Jet Age Museum. The children were ‘wowed’ by the phenomenal history of the aviation museum right here on our doorstep.

On arrival, they were split up into fourgroups and throughout the morning rotated around fantastic activities, including an ‘airliner experience,’ in the front section of a Trident, posing as air stewards and stewardesses (serving imaginary drinks to the passengers) and taking turns to sit in the captain and the co-pilot seats. As imagery pilots in the cockpit they role-played flying the commercial jet into Paris.

Everyonemarvelled at the original jet engine (invented by Frank Whittle in Gloucester) andenjoyed seeing decommissioned war planes, including a Jevelin, a Gloster bomber and a Meteor. Every group then competed against the others in a ‘land your polystyrene Gloster Bomber on an aircraft carrier safely’ game!

All of the childrenthoroughly enjoyed the video introduction and the great talks fromthe tour guides. Many thanks to the wonderful team of volunteers who run
this excellent museum for such an informative and exciting visit!