As part of their Religious Studies syllabus Year 8pupils recentlytravelled to Gloucester to visit the Mosque – Masjid E Noor to learn about the Islamic faith.

On arrival pupils were warmly welcomed by the Imam and given an educational presentation about Islam. The Imam explained about the Quran, the five pillars of Islam and the prophets, including the role of Jesus in the Islamic faith. The children learnt that cleanliness is an important part of the Islamic faith and during their visit theyhad the opportunity to visit the wash rooms, where they were shown the washing ritual which Muslims perform before they pray.

Finally, pupils visited the main prayer room where the Imam recited from the Quran and the childrenlearntabout how Muslims in Gloucester can have the daily prayers transmitted from
the mosque directly into their homes.

“I really enjoyed the Mosque trip because it was interesting to see that there are
some similarities between Islam and Christianity.” said Year 8 pupil, Anthony.
Pupil, Toby went on to say, “I found the trip really informative and I discovered
much more about Islam from a Muslim perspective.”

Head of Religious Studies, Mrs Salisbury said, “We are learning about Islam as
part of the Year 8 syllabus. Visiting the Mosque really helped to deepen pupils’
understanding of the Muslim faith and its history.”