To support the Year 8 Religious Studies syllabus,pupils recentlyenjoyed a very informative trip to the Synagogue in Cheltenham and the Mosque in Gloucester.

Pupils were warmly welcomed by the Imam and given an educational presentation about Islam. The Imam explained about the Quran, the five pillars of Islam and the prophets. Cleanliness is an important part of the Islamic faith and the children had the opportunity to visit the wash rooms, where they discovered Muslims perform a washing ritual before they pray, including washing behind their ears and their feet three times.

Finally pupils visited the main prayer room, where the Imam recited from the Quran and the childrenlearntabout how Muslims in Gloucester can have the daily prayers transmitted from the mosque directly into their homes.

“When we arrived at the mosque I didn’t know what to expect, there had been lots in the news about terrorist attacks, but after the trip I had a better understanding of the ideals of Islam.” explained James Pollard.

Pupils then travelled on to the Synagogue in Cheltenham, where they were read to in Hebrew from the Torah Scroll and learnt about the origins of the synagogue and the Jewish faith.