Pupils were left with a lot of think about after a lesson in memory techniques from Sir Linkalot. The visitor gave a fantastic lesson to our parents and teachers, as well as pupils, with his fun and easy methods to remember facts. Whether it’s a Maths formula, a geographical location, an historical date, how to spell a tricky word, a science process or the meaning of a word in French, English, Spanish or even Latin; Sir Linkalot gave everyone some top tips on how to link facts together making them easier to remember.

“I always want to do well in my exams, but sometimes there is so much to remember.” said Oliver Sutherland, Year 5. “Sir Linkalot and his useful tips really helped, he taught me how to remember which century a royal house was from by the number of letters in its name, for example Tudor 15th Century, Stuart 16th Century, Hanover 17th Century and so on. He has made revision lots of fun, I can’t wait to see how I do in my next history exam.”

Hopefully, not only will pupils find revision easier, they will also remember games kits, music lessons and other important commitments.Now where is that list of things to do!