Whacky, wonderful and bursting with colour and excitement the Junior Forms performShakespeare’s classic tale of ‘The Tempest’.As the story unfolds the audience are takenonan eventful journey to a magical island where the deposed King Prospero has been stranded with his young daughter, Miranda, for 12 years. Whilst he is there he learns that his enemies are passing by on a ship and with the help
of a magical fairy, Ariel, he conjures up a terrible storm.

The young actors and actresses took to abeautifulstar-studded stage with some spirited performances, reciting much of thescript using Shakespeare’s own words. Amidst an array of fabulous songs such as ‘Run for your life’ and ‘Sycorax’ (the witch) a captivated audience learns that Prospero’s enemies are now also shipwrecked on the magical island and the intrigue really begins.

Lynne Lawrence, Director of
Drama explains, “’The Tempest’
providesa great introduction to
Shakespeare for younger
children. Each and every
memberof the cast now knows
the story of ‘The Tempest’ and
has learnt a little bit about one of Britain’s greatest playwrights. As well as being educational this production has been fantastic fun; this lively adaptation by Kane and Kane is full of wonderful songs that all 123 members of the cast have thoroughly enjoyed performing.”

Finlay Feltham who plays Prospero explained, “I just loved conjuringthe tempest, to be able to create a great big storm with thunder and lightning was brilliant. It was quite hard learning some of the language but having to act as well made it much easier to learn and understand.”

Florence McKinnes who plays Miranda went on to say, “My favourite scene is when the
mermaids, Octopi and Neptune are singing ‘Five Fathoms Deep’on a stage
overflowing with real bubbles. The purpose of the scene is to entice Ferdinand to find
Miranda on the island so that they can fall in love, it is really magical.”

After a number of power struggles and a great deal of magic, Miranda eventually falls in
love with the enemy’s son – Ferdinand and all is forgiven. Prospero is allowed to return
to Milan, to take his rightful place as Duke; Ariel is set free and everyone celebrates
with a veritable feast which includes a variety of inflatable bananas, pretzels, ice-cream
and cucumbers.

More pictures available in the photogallery: https://www.deanclose.org.uk/DCPS-photogallery