A greatly anticipated visitor in the Lent Term is David Buttery from Auriga Astronomy and his planetarium. Every year pupils love being ‘transported’ to outer space to witness Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon, the rings of Saturn and ‘feel’ the heat of our biggest star, the Sun.

Throughout a fascinating morning, pupils learnt why the tilt of the earth and its distance from the sun creates seasons and why we have four seasons compared to almost none experienced by countries nearer the tropics. They learnt about the size of the solar system, the planets and some of the characteristics of those planets, for example Jupiter’s storms.

Pupils also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to debate philosophical questions such as: The birth of planet Earth and the big bang theory; ​Could there be a parallel universe?;Is there life on other planets?; Could Earth be destroyed by a black hole?; If other life forms did exist, what would be their primary element; would it be carbon like us or something different?

Pupil, Lydia said, “It was a fascinating, thought provoking morning that really made me think about how small we are in this vast universe. Space is so big, it is really difficult to understand. I like the idea that because of its size it is more likely than unlikely that other life forms exist on other planets.”