Year 3 had a very special visit from rainforest expert and explorer Paul Carpenter, spending
the day looking at animals; from creepy crawlies to slithering snakes, whilst learning about
life in the rainforest to tie in with their recent Humanities project.

Pupils arrived in their
best rainforest costumes
ready to absorb all the
wonders of the rainforest
world and ask Paul lots
of questions about his
tropical trials, most recently to Tanzania. Starting from the forest floor where the ‘cleaners’ live, Paul showed the pupils millipedes and hissing cockroaches, responsible for eating rotting wood and leaves. The pupils were then introduced to larger creepy crawlies like tarantulas who inhabit the understorey; some pupils were even brave enough to stroke them. Year 3 teacher, Mrs Hunt, said: ‘Paul handles the animals in such a way that the children can access them and experience a real life encounter with insects and reptiles in the rainforest’. Paul then introduced the pupils to the reptiles that live up in the trees, from blue frogs, to tree frogs, to geckos and even to larger predators like snakes – explaining how prey use their bodies for camouflage to defend themselves from being hunted by the bigger beasts, demonstrated by identifying the stick insect that hadblended into the wall so wellit hadremainedunnoticed all morning.

After lunch, Paul showed the Year 3s a presentation on adaptation and the dangers in the rainforest, sharing gripping stories about the animals he’s seen, things he has encountered and the survival techniques needed to ensure all realms of safety. Year 3 pupil Bruce said, ‘It was so exciting to see all of the animals and even touch some of them. My favourite part was when the stick insect dangled off the back of my hand and stuck to my t-shirt!’.