There were monkeys, poisonous arrow frogs and sloths at Pre-Prep this week – but fortunately not real animals – just the whole school taking part in a production of ‘Rainforest Rescue’!

The play is set in the Amazon rainforest, where unfortunately the loggers are destroying the wonderful habitat. A messenger comes to ask for help, and, with the brave explorers and the help of a group of rapping Toucans, they visit many wonderful animals, including snakes, macaws, monkeys, blue morpho butterflies who all help to show the loggers the error of their ways.

The loggers finally travel to see the ‘Queen of the Jungle’ (the jaguars) who show them the beauty of the forest – and they realise that it is priceless and they must stop their destruction! Dr Carolyn Shelley, Headmistress said, ‘It has been a fantastic play – not only because the whole school has loved being involved but because it really demonstrates the importance of saving the rainforest – and is full of facts to show why we must help too.’