Aspiring astronaut and Flight Lieutenant, Kerry Bennett, spent an afternoon inspiring Year Two, when she came to talk about her journey to becoming an RAF Pilot and the challenges she faced on the BBC Two television series: ‘Astronauts: Do you have what takes?’

The topic for Year Twothis term is flight, so the opportunity to talk to a real pilot was very exciting. Kerry explained to the children about the different planes she has flown, including the jet planes; flying important people like HM Queen, Prince William and Daniel Craig and her current role as a Voyager Pilot – a plane that can carry up to 300 passengers or is used for refuelling jet planes.

Kerry then explained to the children about her
dream to become an astronaut and some of
the skills that are needed to be successful:
patience, problem solving, teamwork and the
importance of staying calm in a challenging
situation. The children asked some fabulous
questions such as, How many buttons does
your current plane have?, How fast can
Voyager go? and what different uniforms do you have?

Kerry then asked all of the children what they would like to do when they grow up, there were a number of scientists, ballet dancers, pilots and a great many teachers! The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting Kerry who certainly encouraged them to have big dreams.