Sail Away Viking Day – 22nd June 2015

Year four enjoyed a fantastic day learning some of the important skills of being a Viking! From learning to weave the fabric that made up the flag on the masthead, to building a 6m Viking long boat – the children were introduced to a variety of ancient skills. Cassian Pichler-Roca’s favourite part of the day was building a long boat, he related some impressive facts. “To build a real long boat and learn about all the different materials was great. Our boat was ¼ of the size of a real long boat. The Vikings built the boats mainly of oak, they used pine for the mast and the oars were made of ash. I also learnt they used Lime Wood, otherwise known as Linden, for their shields.”

The children all dressed up in Viking costumes and had the opportunity to rotate through all the activities of weaving, making the flag, designing the dragon on the bow, making shields and learning about some of the weapons.

Mr E Harris,Senior Master, commented “The children had a wonderful day and learned some interesting facts. They worked as a team to build a magnificent long boat and enjoyed trying all of the different activities. What a brilliant day!’