Meet The Head

Mr Paddy Moss

My philosophy is to encourage every pupil to make the very most of the opportunities open to them. Topics to explore in the classroom, activities to try out in clubs, or the chance to discover a hidden talent in music, sport, drama or art.

It is such a great pleasure to see a muddy-kneed boy or girl, straight from the playing fields, picking up their musical instrument and taking part in an orchestra practice; or the delight of one of our senior Library Ambassadors sharing their love of literature with a younger child.

Favourable pupil-teacher ratios and small class sizes allow for time to get to know each individual, to open a world of possibilities to them and to encourage them in their interests. Indeed, pupils’ own passions often lead the way as they are able to suggest clubs and activities of their own.

As Head of DCPS, I am passionate about ensuring pupils are suitably supported as they strive to reach their potential, both in and out of the classroom. Prep School years are great fun, but can sometimes be challenging. Through the broad range of opportunities provided at our school we expect pupils to develop the life-long habits of resilience, kindness and respect for each other. The school’s regular ‘Healthy Living Days’ ensure that children are provided with the skills and knowledge to be more self-aware and become valuable members of the wider community.

As well as being known for its academic achievements, Dean Close Preparatory School is recognised for the calibre of its music, drama and sport for all. It is a joy to be Head of a thriving school with so much going on, where talented and dedicated staff create an infectious buzz and curiosity is encouraged. All of our pupils are able to develop their passions and talents, making the most of each and every day at this fabulously well-resourced school.