Boarding Pupils

Boarding is very popular at Dean Close, with over half the Senior School population living at School and a third of all Prep School children.  Children come from a variety of backgrounds including Services families, expats, international pupils and some families from the local area who value the benefits of independence and self-confidence that boarding brings.

With its large population of Boarders, Dean Close buzzes with activity 24 hours a day and the Day pupils enjoy the extra activities and life that a boarding school creates. 

A warm, family atmosphere means that every child feels happy and secure.

We aim to create an open, trusting environment where each pupil feels able to approach any other member of the community, confident that he or she will be treated as an individual.  

As a consequence, children grow up with a respect for others and a sense of responsibility for themselves, others and for their environment.

Preparatory School Boarding Format (ages 7-13)
Boarding Boys Caldecote (ages 11-13)
Boarding Girls Fortfield (ages 11-13)
Mixed Junior Boarding Wilton (ages 7-10)