Senior School

We aim to encourage, nurture and inspire pupils; shaping their mindset to seek opportunity, be curious about learning and have a deep desire to impact the world around them.  On a journey in preparation of adulthood, we aim to guide pupils to make informed decisions about their next steps in life. 

With just over 500 pupils, the Senior School is small enough to allow everyone to know and be known. It allows everyone to get fully involved in the life of the School. One thing that you will see about Dean Close pupils (Decanians) is that they tend to be busy; managing their academic commitments alongside a wide range of co-curricular activities and social events. The pupils are looked after by a combination of a very strong House system and excellent coaching by their tutors.

The Senior School is made up of a combination of a very strong boarding and Flexi-boarding community combined with a significant number of day pupils.

With a strong culture of learning and curiosity confirmed by impressive academic results and high standards of behaviour, we are rightly proud of the achievements of our pupils in the classroom.

Outside of the classroom you will see a vibrant and exciting creative art programme, a remarkable sporting reputation, an outward looking Community Action programme and an eclectic mix of trips and activities to challenge our wide variety of pupils.

Our facilities enhance the experience of the pupils, but the quality of the staff and the way in which they communicate their enthusiasm and expertise with our young people that makes the long lasting difference. When the pupils are ready to leave Dean Close they are prepared to flourish.