The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a military Cadet organisation based in schools and colleges throughout the UK.  Funded by the Royal Navy and Army, CCF is one of the largest Youth Movements in the UK. The role of the CCF is to help pupils aged 14-18 years (Remove to the Upper Sixth) their leadership, confidence, self-reliance and discipline skills as well as to get a taste of life in the Armed Forces. 

Dean Close School has a long tradition of Cadets, from the initial Officer Training Corps raised in 1909, to the CCF that was developed later in 1948. It is still relevant today and is equally popular with both girls and boys, particularly in our Remove (Year 10), over half of whom have chosen CCF this year.
CCF is held weekly throughout the academic year, offering cadets the opportunity to stretch themselves mentally and physically, find out how much they can achieve and have fun in the process.

There is no requirement to join up and serve with the Armed Forces at any point. Military training is designed to demonstrate why defence forces are needed and how they function in smaller and larger teams and units. Cadets also conduct non-military training which includes activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, sailing.   

Over the year Cadets work towards their Advanced Proficiency Certificate syllabus which involves things such as: 

  • Drill, Turnout & Military Knowledge  

  • Skill at Arms: 
    0.22 Classification on the school range 
    5.56 GP Rifle Classification 

  • Navigation skills such as the use of a Map and Compass 

  • Fieldcraft and Campcraft 

  • Command tasks (Leadership training) 

    In addition, Cadets undertake a Methods of Instruction course so that they can train the recruit Cadets themselves, presenting information clearly and with confidence.

    Training takes place each week, with the further opportunity for the Cadets to conduct Field Day training each term. The Cadets are also expected to attend annual summer camp in the last week of the School year where further specialist training takes place.  Our Cadets are supported by a number Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from across the School community.  

    There is also the opportunity to take on more responsibility and Cadets who demonstrate a high level of capability are eligible for promotion; Cadets showing skill, commitment and enthusiasm can soon escalate through the NCO ranks; working in the Cadets can be used towards the service or skills part of the DofE qualifications as well as personal development.  Further to this is the opportunity to enrol on part-funded courses and camps including activities such as powerboating, horse trekking and the opportunity to travel abroad on expeditions and visits alongside other Cadet units.