At Dean Close, we are extremely proud of our strong tradition and excellent reputation for sporting success, with individuals achieving national recognition and professional contracts, and teams winning in national competitions.

We ensure that potential on any level can be realised and talents maximised. Our 'Sport for All' ethos is supported by our extensive games and co-curricular offering, whereby every pupil has the opportunity to be part of a team and play a sport that they enjoy.  Sporting development is enriched by the breadth of top-level coaches, many of whom have played or coached at professional or international level, as well as our excellent facilities. 

All our pupils also have full access to the School's Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning Departments who work in tangent to ensure that pupils are best prepared, to be robust and resilient individuals, whilst also providing an appropriate 'Return to Play' programme for those who need it.

The School's sporting provision plays a major role in the overall journey of all of our pupils, and Dean Close boasts a rich pedigree of Old Decanians who have gone on to play elite level sport. Old Decanians are very well represented in the Rugby Premiership and National League Hockey, and with a significant number of successes in other sports (such as Cricket, Netball and Tennis). It is our aim to ensure that all pupils leave Dean Close with an enjoyment for sport and physical activity at every level, and that they continue this through into their next stage of life.

All Dean Close pupils are competitive within their own sphere; inter-House or inter-School competitions, or at representative level. We aim to maximise the potential, enabling pupils to play at the highest level that suits them, within a team or individually. 

Essentially, at the core of our philosophy, Dean Close remains an educational establishment where we strive to maintain a sporting attitude and challenge ourselves positively at all times, remembering that participation and team spirit are the real values of sport.