Dean Close School is committed to sustainability, and our pupil-led Sustainability Group has been at the forefront of driving change. We have already achieved several milestones, including creating an Eco-Schools Award plan, launching the Flock Art exhibition, and hosting climate events like Earth Day and now Earth Week.

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Our tree planting initiative has seen 30 trees already planted, with more to come, alongside wild gardens and bee hives. We have also started a House Sustainability Competition to encourage pupils to make a difference in their respective House, and the kitchens already dispose of food waste via anaerobic digestion.


Our commitment to sustainability has also led to our involvement in the Changemakers initiative, where pupil representatives are working to make Cheltenham more sustainable. Ultimately, this initiative resulted in a 500-pupil Climate Conference in summer 2022.

As we continue our journey towards sustainability, we have exciting plans in the pipeline, such as installing chicken coops on site to provide eggs for Boarding Houses and increasing our tree planting efforts to 2,000 trees.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are excited about what the future holds. Join us in our mission to create positive change for our planet.




Earth Week 2023

We celebrated Earth Week with great enthusiasm, focusing on the theme of waste and inspiring everyone to reduce their impact on the environment. As part of our remarkable Earth Week celebrations, we were delighted to announce the release of The Earth Week – Green Podcast, created by pupils Niamh, Hanni, Ben, and Charlie.

In this captivating podcast, listeners had the opportunity to tune in and enjoy insightful interviews, eco-unpopular opinions, and engaging discussions about all things sustainability. It was a fantastic way to immerse ourselves in the world of environmental awareness.

Throughout the week, we hosted a range of exciting events, including the highly anticipated release of our Earth Magazine. Packed with thought-provoking content, it offered a deeper understanding of pressing environmental issues and encouraged action for a more sustainable future. Click on the link to read:

Dean Close School - Earth Magazine

Additionally, we were inspired by the enlightening Dean Close Ted Talks held at the Bacon Theatre.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in organizing these incredible events. Together, we made a difference and took meaningful steps to protect our planet for future generations.

Although Earth Week has come to a close, the spirit of environmental stewardship lives on. Let's continue to carry the momentum forward and work together in creating a sustainable and thriving world.

You can still enjoy The Earth Week - Green Podcast by clicking the link below:

Sustainability Podcast