Uganda Link

The Dean Close core values of Love, Courage and Contribution can be no better exemplified than by the work that we do with Nyakatakura Memorial School in Ibanda, South Western Uganda.

Every week, pupils from Dean Close meet in order to organise fund raising events or to plan ready for a visit out to the school itself.

The Uganda Link, supporting Nyakatukura Memorial Secondary School has now been established for 17 years, having originally been set up by the Church of Uganda to provide secondary education to poor and orphaned children.

Thanks to the Dean Close community, Nyakatukura has evolved to become a blossoming secondary school with over 400 students. The school now has ten fully equipped classrooms, girls’ and boys’ dormitories, a library, an examination hall and solar electricity, as well as water harvesters and a water bore hole.

Over the years a strong relationship has formed between the two schools which is celebrated by a plaque in Nyakatukura’s Main Office: ‘Dean Close and Nyakatukura Memorial School – Friends Forever’.

Since the Uganda Link was set up, we have raised thousands of pounds for Nyakatukura and supported hundreds of children through their education. However, the aim of the partnership has always been to build relationships, not just buildings. The Uganda Link is founded on friendship.