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Empowering pupils for a fulfilling journey through learning and work

At Dean Close, we see a person’s career as their entire journey through learning and work. Viewed as such, we thus all have just one career, one overarching journey.

Travelling it across our 21st century landscape will involve a range of occupations and transitions, each with their own challenges and possibilities for development. Our career will be a central arena for fulfilment: economically, socially and in terms of the positive impact we can make on the world around us. It will be unique to each of us and for our pupils it has already begun.

The aim of the Dean Close Futures is to empower our young people in their individual journeys – to access key opportunities and to take ownership for their own career management and planning.

For many, professional destinations will still be beyond the horizon, but the information, skills, experiences and mind-set that will open up valuable pathways are within sight. We work to ensure our pupils access to these, not only while at school, but beyond. Whether it be at university, in an apprenticeship, a starting job, or a long-term profession, our past and future pupils will find Dean Close Futures, our Old Decanian Society, and our professional networks, a continuing source of support and opportunity.

For your journey, Dean Close Futures will seek to be with you, striving to value, care and provide for every unique member of our community.


All staff at Dean Close are members of the wider Futures team and are a key source of front-line advice to subject pupils and tutees. They are supported in this by the Futures department, which consists our:

  • Head of Futures
  • Apprenticeships Coordinator
  • Armed Services Coordinator
  • Higher Education Coordinator
  • International Universities Coordinator
  • Medicine, Veterinary & Dentistry Coordinator / Futures Assistant
  • Oxbridge Coordinator


information / education / advice / guidance / experience
Within School, a key part of our Futures work is about making choices about learning: GCSEs, A levels, universities, apprenticeships and other school leaver destinations. Choosing is about making effective choices as well as being able to make choices effectively. Preparation is crucial; together with our teachers and tutors, we support pupils by developing the skills and confidence to...

  • make realistic and informed decisions
  • access future opportunities
  • help manage transitions

Much of this will occur contextually in subject lessons and through tutorials, powered by the expertise of staff and a rich tutorial programme, and through bespoke guidance of the specialist members of the Futures department, readily available by appointment.

Alongside this, more structured opportunities are provided throughout our pupils’ school experience, offering time and focus for choice analysis and skill development:


In the Fourth Form, pupils receive a dedicated curriculum of skill development, covering: IT literacy, Research, Revision, Academic Writing, Presentations, Data Analysis, Teamwork, Project Management & Career Development. Building on this, Remove and Fifth Form pupils participate in a programme of workshops and tutorials over the course of their studies.


All pupils and tutors conduct dedicated discussions about choices:

  • in the Fourth Form ahead of GCSE options;
  • in the Fifth Form following futures workshops and assessments, ahead of post-16 options;
  • in the Lower Sixth following workshops, assessments, and work experience, as they consider university and other destinations.


This is the main year for preparation of application forms including:

  • Futures induction
  • Work Experience assemblies
  • Access and guidance to online Careers / Destinations platforms (Unifrog / Morrisby), highlighting possible pathways, courses and the basis for continued exploration, development and discussion
  • Parents’ meeting to explain the UCAS procedure and Apprenticeship options
  • Visit to a UCAS Higher Education Convention & options to attend Apprenticeship Shows
  • Training for completion of UCAS form
  • Discussions and seminars on Year Out opportunities
  • Opportunities for university visits
  • Futures Week (end of the Trinity Term), which includes seminars about UCAS applications, Apprenticeships, University Life and Employability Development.


  • Individual interview with Headmaster, Higher Education Coordinator and Director of Studies
  • Assistance with application forms (including additional provision for Medic / Veterinarian and Oxbridge candidates)
  • Interview seminars / trial interviews
  • Support with offers of acceptance


  • A level results / Summer support
  • Post-A level Oxbridge
  • Parental support at results time
  • Early term re-thinking and references

For more information about our Futures provision, Visit our online Futures Hub