Meet the Head

On arriving at Dean Close as a Deputy Head in 2009, the first thing that struck me was how this School strives to be the best it can be at whatever it does, creating an incredible sense of community through all the support that staff and pupils offer to each other.

That year, the School was celebrating some superb academic results, a renowned performance of Les Misérables and winning the U18 National Schools’ Hockey Final.  All this and more from a School with only 500 pupils is quite something.

Thirteen years on and I am now exceedingly proud to be the Head of this great school.  What I have learned from being here is that whilst Dean Close can boast of its endless array of sporting facilities, purpose built theatre, music and art schools, its chapel, beautiful buildings and grounds and excellent results, it is the grounded, responsible and well-rounded young people it sends out into the world that give us the most credit.

That is because Dean Close believes that education is as much about building character and relationships as it is about gaining knowledge, with its founding Christian principles still as central to us today as they were in 1886.

When I walk around the corridors, I am constantly struck by the inspiring culture of learning, both inside and outside the classroom, which seems to sweep everyone along.  But most importantly to me, Dean Close is a really happy, caring School and a fun place to be and I would urge you to come and visit us to experience our famous welcome.

Bradley Salisbury

60 Seconds with the Head