The House System

Dean Close is very much a Boarding school, with a full programme of teaching and activities all through the week and at weekends.

The School community consists of 55% Boarders (including 5% Flexi Boarders) and 45% Day pupils.  With families from as far afield as Australia or as close as across the road, the School does the upmost to accommodate the different needs and circumstances of each individual family. 

All pupils belong to either a Day House or a Boarding House which is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress (HsMs), aided by a team of tutors. The House is pivotal in the life of Dean Close as it is the base for personal belongings, where roll calls take place and where each pupil feels they belong.  Many activities are organised through the House, with plenty of opportunity to mix with pupils from other Houses throughout the day. Inter-House competitions are highlights of the School year. 

There are ten Houses in total.  Boarding Houses are located around the School campus, and are home to both Flexi Boarders (who stay one or two nights per week) and Full Boarders.  The four Day Houses make up the Day House Village which is situated in the centre of the senior school site.