Day Pupils

Dean Close buzzes with activity 24 hours a day and Day pupils enjoy the extra activities and life that a boarding school creates.
With after school clubs, weekend fixtures and Saturday school all part of the working week, 'School' is so much more than just lessons!  

On joining Dean Close, Day pupils join a dedicated Day House which is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress (HsMs), aided by a team of tutors. The House is each pupil's main social and pastoral unit; as the base for personal belongings, where roll calls take place and where each pupil feels they belong, the House is pivotal in the life of Dean Close. 

With two boys' and two girls' Houses, comprising pupils from all year groups, House life is lively and fun!  Many activities are organised through the House, with plenty of opportunity to mix with pupils from other Houses throughout the day. Inter-House competitions are highlights of the School year and bring the School's community  together in hot contests, including Junior and Senior House Quizzes, music competitions and sports challenges. 

Our Day Houses are situated within the Day House Village (DHV). Each House is distinctly different through its unique choice of colour scheme and features.  Opened in 2020, DHV is a bespoke development which focuses on spaces for studying and socialising, giving Day pupils their own designated hub. 

Our Day Houses
Girls (ages 13-18)

Hatherley (60 girls)
Mead (60 girls)

Boys (ages 13-18)

Dale (60 boys)
Field (60 boys)