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Sixth Form Life

“It’s very different!” is the most common Sixth Former response about Life in Dean Close Sixth Form.  It is different; deliberately and necessarily so.

Dean Close Sixth Form aims to prepare pupils for life.  This may mean being equipped with the life skills and character traits needed to flourish at work, university or in apprenticeships, or being launched into a specific vocation.

In the Sixth Form, academic study puts added emphasis on judgement and analysis. Being able to specialise in their subject choice changes the working atmosphere by introducing smaller, dedicated groups of students each participating in shaping lessons and being more directly involved in the curriculum.

Choice and responsibility continues across Sixth Form life, in co-curricular activities, Chaplaincy, excursions, lectures, debates, community action and School leadership. The most successful Sixth Former is the one who fully engages in all that is on offer.

Choose your Tutor
In the Sixth Form, pupils are able to select their individual tutor, with whom they meet weekly. This is unusual; it is a significant commitment on our part to ensure that we are able support and guide pupils in a specific fashion.

There is no 'typical' Dean Close Sixth Former: each is provided with the opportunities so they can choose the right path for themselves, meaning every journey is different. 

Sixth Form Studies & Enrichment

A Level Choices
A Level courses are linear, meaning that pupils study for the full two years in order to obtain the A Level qualification, sitting exams at the end of the course.

Dean Close offers a range of programmes of study that are tailored to the needs and abilities
of each pupil. The principles that underpin these programmes are that:
• All pupils study towards A levels
• All pupils take an option or options in the Enrichment Block
(in some circumstances this may be a fourth A level)
The majority of pupils will take THREE A levels and an option from the Enrichment Block.

In order to undertake the normal A Level course we expect pupils to have obtained a minimum of six grade 6 and two grade 5 subject passes at GCSE with 6/7 the standard minimum requirement in those subjects intended for further study.  GCSE guidelines are available for each A level subject although the final decision about suitability for a particular subject lies with the Director of Studies.

Click on our Sixth Form Studies and Enrichment link at the top of this page to learn more about the Dean Close Sixth Form experience.