Pre-Prep had a very exciting day when Nicky Price from BBC Radio Gloucestershire came into interview pupils and staff for her afternoon programme. During her visit she popped into see how the new Reception class were enjoying being at School, interviewed pupils about whatthey like to do in their spare time, learnt a great deal about dinosaurs at the Year Two Dinosaur Workshop, listened to some excellent violin playing and talked to Lady Miller about her role as the school’s registrar and the Headmistress’ P.A.

The childrenthoroughly enjoyed being
interviewed andcouldn’t wait to hear
themselveson the radio, which was
aired every dayfor a week from Monday
2nd October.

Nicky said, “I had a really lovely morning
meeting all the children, it was
especially nice to see how the
Reception class were getting along as I
had visited them several weeks before
on their first few days of school. The
dinosaur fossils were also fantastic, I felt very envious of the children who were having great fun making
their own fossils and doing dinosaur rubbings.”