Congratulations to Sydney Davies who won the Dean Close rounds of Famlab, taking her through to represent the School at the Gloucestershire finals later in March.

The competition began in the Michaelmas term with Fourth Form pupils entering the Cheltenham Science Festivals Famelab Academy competition. Each pupil had to prepare a three minute talk on a science topic of their choice, using only props to help them deliver it. In lessons they worked with their teachers who provided help on which topics to pick, where to locate information accurately and how to present with confidence on stage.

Since then the School has held heats for each class culminating in a final for the best 10 contestants who competed against each other in a Pavilion presentation. The judges were very impressed with the level of their talks and the clarity and confidence with which they spoke. The winner, Sydney, delivered some very impressive science all about Dementia. She was very closely followed by Ethan Bareham and Nathan Kershall with topics on hacking and teleportation.

Going forward, Sydney will have a two day training course to attend at Gloucestershire University alongside 12 other finalists from different schools across Gloucestershire where she will put together a new three minute presentation that she can then use in the School Finals. Sydney has already won a cash prize for getting into the Finals but has the chance of winning further accreditation if she win the competition.

Good luck Sydney.