All the children and staff in Year One enjoyed an exciting visit to the National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham as part of their ‘Sea’ topic. It was interesting to see how the creatures pupils have been finding out about in the classroom look, feel and move.

During the visit everyone enjoyed a
guided tour of the centre, which helped
pupils to discover lots about penguins,
rays, turtles, jellyfish, sharks and the
other 2,000 creatures that live at Sea

The rock pool experience gave pupils
the opportunity to explore life around the
Great British coastline; they had the
chance to handle shells and a mermaid’s
purse and found out amazing facts about
the other creatures that live near the tide’s edge.

The penguins provided great entertainment with their entry and exit into and out of the water and it was fascinating to observe how they used their wings to swim underwater. Watching the rays in their giant tank was a super experience and everyone enjoyed walking under the sea to look at the sharks, turtles and other creatures from the deep oceans – there was even a mermaid!

Finally, the 4-D cinema provided an exciting adventure along the Amazonriver
discovering the many creatures that live in its waters.

The visit provided the children with many memorable sights and experiences,
which enhanced their understanding of seas and oceans and the life in these