Currently Year One are studying sea life, this fascinating topic was brought to life ona recent visit to Birmingham’s wonderful Sea Life Centre.

There was plenty to see and do throughout the day starting with the rock pool experience. Herepupils hadthe opportunity to explore the type of sea life thatinhabits thecoast of Great Britain,they were given thechance tohandle crabs, starfish and other creatures that live near the tide’s edge.

Next the pupils visited the penguins, who provided
greatentertainment with their entry and exit from the
water and it was fascinating to observe how they used
their wings to swim underwater. Watching the rays in their giant tank was also a super experience and everyone
enjoyed walking under the sea to look at the sharks, turtles and other creatures from the deep oceans –some of
thepupils even spotted a mermaid!

Finally pupils enjoyedan exciting adventure along the Amazonriverin the4-D cinema, here theylearnt a great
dealabout themany creatures that live in its waters. TheSea Life Centre was a valuable experience which
enhanced pupils understanding of seas, oceans and riversand the life thatinhabits these environments.