Cantate, the Fourth Form Girls’ Choir, have put together a virtual performance of ‘Seasons of Love’, directed by Mr Sawyer.

The song comes from the musical ‘Rent’ by Jonathan Larsen, written in 1996 and ‘Seasons of Love’ starts the second act, asking the question ‘How do you measure a year?’, going through a variety of thoughts before concluding that you ‘measure in love’.

With it coming to a year since the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Seasons of Love’ was chosen because the sentiments of the song were mirrored in the efforts that have had to put in to maintain a sense of community and togetherness whilst being forced to stay apart.

The girls of the choir learnt and rehearsed the song via Zoom in weekly rehearsals with Mr Sawyer, unable to hear each other and relying on backing tracks. After five rehearsals, the girl recorded themselves performing their part of the song which Mr Sawyer (audio) and Mr Rushton (video) then compiled to create the performance you see on the video.

This Virtual Choir process has been a mainstay of this lockdown year for choirs the world over, and it is so rewarding to hear the girls’ voices coming together to create the finished product, working hard to learn their parts and then perform the song for a meaningful, heartfelt performance.

Mr B. Sawyer