What is this?

If you have tried to come up with an answer then you may want to study chemistry at A Level. The answer will be revealed as well as explanations of what is really going on in your IGCSE chemistry. Chemistry at A level suits anyone who has an enquiring mind and is fascinated by the composition of materials and enjoy finding patterns in behaviour that can be explained.

But isn’t chemistry really difficult?

Dean Close Chemistry results at A Level are very good. Although it is a challenging subject that should not be attempted by someone who found IGCSE difficult, if you are keen to study Chemistry, you should rise to and enjoy the experience.

Why should I study Chemistry?

1) Doing Chemistry can be fun and you will have the opportunity to carry out many practicals that were considered too dangerous lower down the School.

2) If you want to stretch yourself, Chemistry will provide the opportunity to do so and will look impressive on your CV.

3) It is an essential subject if you want to carry on towards a career in the Medical profession or to study any science at a higher level.

What help will I get? You will be taught by two teachers who will offer help and guidance throughout the course. The Department makes use of its links with the Bristol University Chemistry Outreach

Department and will take pupils on trips to the University’s Chemistry Department.

What will I learn?

The course follows the AQA chemistry syllabus which can be found on the following web link http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/as-and-a-level/chemistry-7404-7405 or the syllabus can be found in the Upper or Lower Sixth sub folders within the Chemistry folder on the pupil network of Dean Close School.

Aron Needs Head of Chemistry