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Why should I choose to study Maths?

Maths A level is essential for many degree courses, and extremely useful for many more. According to UCAS it is the most widely required A level by UK universities. Furthermore, it is a lot of fun, as long as you are prepared to work hard and ask lots of questions!

How am I assessed?

Pupils are entered for the Edexcel A2 two year exam series. At the time of writing our Exam board is still finalising the exact details. However we know that all pupils will study Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics.

Pure Mathematics comprises mainly algebra, calculus and trigonometry and is the heart of all Advanced Mathematics. Statistics builds on the simple GSCE work and brings into the real world of modelling and confidence testing, which underpin our “big data” driven commercial society.

Mechanics helps us make sense of the Physical world and investigates in a precise manner how forces, moments and vectors help the world to run and even fly!

There should be three two hour papers at the end of the two year course, two in Pure only with defined different topic content, one Statistics and Mechanics. The overall content will be the same for all exam boards as there is no longer any choice of topics. Calculators both scientific and graphical are now allowed for all exams.

Throughout the Lower sixth we will regularly assess all studying Mathematics to let them know if they are on track.

What help will I get?

At Dean Close you will be taught by committed, highly qualified teachers using the latest ICT teaching aids.

Maths clinics are held two times a week, which are very popular with AS & A2 students. In addition, there is a series of lectures looking at Maths beyond the classroom.

And more over…

A recent study showed that employees with a Maths A level earned 10% more than those without one. A similar survey by the big four UK Management Consultant firms showed that the top professions all required at least an A level in Mathematics. At the end of the Lower Sixth we invite a speaker from companies such as Hewlett-Packard, General Electric and William Hill, to explain how they use maths on a daily basis.

Pete Garner Head of Maths

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