Why study PE at A Level?

If you are interested in how the body works, the structure of sport, how we learn and refine skills, how to improve practical performance, and enjoy playing sport, then A Level PE may well be for you.

The study of Physical Education is becoming ever more popular both in our School and across the country as a whole. PE is now recognised by universities as being just as valuable as other A levels, and in recent years this subject has become increasingly popular and can lead to a variety of career options in:

  • Sports Science Leisure Management
  • Sports Studies Sports Psychology
  • Sports Physiotherapy Journalism
  • Teaching and Coaching

In each of the two years here you will be taught by three different teachers who each utilise their different areas of knowledge, expertise and experience to give you a broad understanding of the modules they lead.

What will I learn?

The course is split in to seven topic areas across two years. Across the two years you will cover applied Anatomy, Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanical movement, Skill Acquisition, Sports Psychology, Sport and Society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport. These give a wide and fascinating insight in to many areas of sport from the body and its systems to how we learn and memorise skills to how sport is organised around the world.

How am I assessed?

At the end of your two years you will have completed a coursework module which makes up 30% of your final mark. This coursework is made up of one practical activity and one evaluation & analysis of performance for improvement task. The remaining 70% of the course is examined in one 2 hour exam, worth 30%, and two 1 hour exams, worth 20% each.

What extra is there?

Pupils who choose to study PE get a lot of extra support outside of normal lessons. We take all A level students to revision conferences in the Lent term, as well as visiting the Oxstalls campus at the University of Gloucestershire to do some hands on Exercise Physiology testing. As well as that we are able to offer the chance to have top Olympic athletes come to talk. Events by relevant individuals at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, such as Ben Fogle and James Cracknell, Steve Redgrave and Sir Ranulph Fiennes are also attended by those doing PE at A level.

All our pupils get the chance to go on major school tours such as the New Zealand rugby tour in 2008, South Africa hockey tour in 2010, Singapore and Australia netball and rugby tour in 2012, and the South Africa hockey tour in 2016. A Level PE is not just about playing sport. However if you feel dedicated to achieving success both academically and practically, then this may be the perfect subject for you.

Rhona Donaldson Head of Academic PE