Sixth Form Life


Being a member of the Dean Close community since Nursery, I have gained first-hand experience of all three stages of life at Dean Close.

The opportunities available here are so diverse and plentiful. Sport, music and drama are all performed to extremely high standards thanks to dedicated, charismatic and talented staff and coaches. There are also an abundance of trips to a huge range of places where as students we can engage in the curriculum outside the classroom. For example, when studying Greek and Latin the trip to Greece allowed me to visit the sites I had learnt about and see where the great tales where set.

The academic support here at Dean Close is fantastic. No student should feel daunted by academic challenges as with both numeracy and literacy support, there is an extensive network of help available. There is a wealth of opportunities to be challenged academically and when things get tough, there are always teachers around willing to patiently explain key concepts.

Although Dean Close has much success in music, drama, academics and sport, it isn’t all about the top performers.  A key Dean Close trait is to throw yourself into everything no matter whether you’re good or bad at it. This is made easy with the huge amount of inter house events we have each year. Not only are these great fun, they unite the houses as we compete for the trophies.

Nearing the end of my time at Dean Close I can honestly say I am the person I am and have the achievements I have because of this School, and I could not have asked for a better place and community to have spent the last five years.

Charlotte, Head of School

Anyone starting Sixth Form at Dean Close has a lot to be excited about. It is a time when academically you can narrow in on the subjects that really interest you.  I have really enjoyed the energetic lessons which constantly push us to broaden our minds into the depths of the topics taught and help us to better appreciate the impact that our school subjects have on the wider world. What I think is particularly unique to Dean Close is the “super-curricular” opportunities available to further students’ interest in their studies such as nationwide essay competitions, student debates/conferences and trips to relevant museums.

When I first came into the Lower Sixth Form I was quite apprehensive about branching out and trying new things. However, my tutor pushed me to get involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible such as the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, playing hockey for the School and having drum lessons. It is really important to make the most of the School’s fantastic facilities.

Matthew, Boarder & Academic Scholar

Dean Close has given me a chance to participate in so many activities which I would never have seen myself doing three years ago. It is a community where everyone is able to flourish, whether you love listening to or performing in concerts or being involved in one of the very testing sports matches, you will always be part of the community. The friendly environment around the School between fellow students and teachers is really important to me. The highlight of my time in Sixth Form has been my participation in the rugby and hockey, both of which have helped me develop many important skills and virtues. Your time here will involve many new things that you could never predict and you will build long-lasting relationships. My advice is to seize every moment as it will ultimately provide you with a fantastic Sixth for experience that will last a lifetime.


My first year at Dean Close has greatly exceeded all expectations. The vastly diverse nature of the opportunities we are presented with on a daily basis, coupled with the intense nature of the sports scholarship programme ensures that while academics always take priority, I have never been left without sufficient release from the stress of studying A levels. Sixth form is an exciting chance to study only the subjects you feel most passionate about, and I have really enjoyed being able to look at my four subjects in so much more detail. The best thing about Sixth Form life is the opportunity to build relationships with a wide range of people, from those that you sit next to in class to team mates on a rugby pitch, and I’m sure these friendships will last long beyond my days at the school.

Fergus, Sports Scholar

Sixth form at Dean Close School has allowed me both to expand academically, whilst continuing to pursue my co-curricular endeavours, despite the rigours of the A level courses. This is largely due to the excellent tutor system, which has provided me with the support I have needed as I continue to prepare myself for life after school. Furthermore, the freedom that Sixth Form has given me has allowed me to explore and expand new academic fields, specifically history of art, the course I now intend to take. It is this combination of freedom, support and encouragement that makes Dean Close Sixth form unique and has allowed me personally to find my passion.

Thais, Art Scholar

Personally I love music, drama and sport and I have found that the School has gone out of its way to find ways for me to practise, improve and gain experiences that I will undoubtedly carry on far beyond my School years. There is always something to look forward to with annual concerts, Shakespeare plays and many weekly sporting matches. You can guarantee that if you enjoy being busy, you will never be at a loss for something to do.  Academically, especially in Sixth Form, I have found that I have really been stretched to think beyond the syllabus and have caught the infectious passion that teachers have for their subjects. Above all, Dean Close is a comfortable, challenging yet fun place to learn, and a place which will set you up for the future, whatever your aspirations.”

Alice, Academic Scholar

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